Techie, Geeky Fly Casting Biomechanics Stuff




As many readers already know, I’ve been involved with 3-D motion-capture of fly casting for some time (since 2004). My focus in the sessions has been caster/rod/line interactions, but the real scientists involved have also looked deeply at biomechanics. For the geeks out there, here are a few links to some of the freely available publications that have came out of various motion-capture sessions.…/okeefe_isb2005.pdf…/allen_isb2005.pdf

2 thoughts on “Techie, Geeky Fly Casting Biomechanics Stuff”

  1. nifty stuff Monsieur B.
    thanks for sharing these reports, love the pics too.
    are/where you using reflective tape on the third image ?
    also curious as to why you where sitting down.
    thanks !

    1. Thanks, Marc. Tape on rod and line in third image, yes. Ball markers on body. Sitting so that the entire rod and look could be seen by the mo-cap “stage” (the six cameras can only see so much vertically).

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