Single-Handed Fly Casting (Pre-Pre-Order)


My current book project, Single-Handed Fly Casting, is in the photo and editing stages right now. There will be 1,001 hardcover copies, signed and numbered. There are currently no plans for a softcover edition.

I am taking pre-pre-orders for the book now. If you want to get in line for the actual pre-order (which will require actual money), either leave a comment below or send me an email. Those who sign up for the “pre-pre” will get the chance to grab a copy first if they still want one by the time I get this project done.

As of now, I do *not* have a locked-down timeframe for the printing of this book. I still have a lot of work to do, but things are moving along.

I also do not have final pricing as of yet, but it will likely be somewhere around $50-55 USD (UPDATE: It will be $55), with additional shipping costs.

Using my old Nature of Fly Casting book as a basis. I’m guessing that shipping will be $6 or so via Media Mail in the States (UPDATE: yes), probably in the $12-13  range to Canada (UPDATE: more like $36, shipping costs went ballistic for packages over 3 pounds) and $25 or so everywhere else (UPDATE: more like $50, same reason as Canada). Those are *guesses* not final numbers (UPDATE: pretty close to final).

With the massive change in shipping costs outside the U.S. I imagine some readers will want to skip the book and not follow through with a pre-order. Understandable. I’ll see what I can do to reduce costs, but I have a feeling that they are what they are.

UPDATE: If you already signed up on the previous blog, I have your info in a database, no need to sign up again. If you are signing up for the first time via a comment, please allow a few hours to a day or two before your comment appears (spam filtering and all that). Thanks.

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  1. Jason,

    I believe I’m on your pre order list and did not receive an email about the order. The email I entered is the correct one.

    Thank you
    Jim Vota

          1. The book comes off the the press on June 9, so as quickly after that as possible. I’m guessing that all books should ship in June. Updates will be posted to this blog as things progress. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Jason,

    I thought I was on the list, but I didn’t receive last week’s email. Please add me to the pre-order list.



  3. Jason,

    I saw that you sent emails on Friday. I believe I’m on your list but did not receive an email. You mentioned a 74% open for the book? Did all of the emails go out?

    Jim Vota

    1. Thomas–Yes. A German fly shop will also have copies, likely for similar price depending on shipping. Tale a look at:

      Shipping from U.S. runs $50 due to weight of the book. Let me know if you want a book direct from me or from Springforelle (books are identical overall with Springforelle having its one numbered run of 100).

  4. I believe that I sigend up for at book (#247) some time before august 2014, but I can’t find the e-mail confirming it…
    Can you tjek if I’m on the you list?

  5. Hi Jason,

    I signed up on your original order list but it was so long ago that I would appreciate being reassured that I’m still on it. Eugene Geppert

  6. Jason, I heard you speak at Clackamas Fly Fishers meeting last month. Wonderful presentation. If I’m not too late please put me down for two copies of your book. One for myself and one for our son.
    Anne Jackson

  7. Jason, I have benefitted from your Nature of Fly Casting … so I’d like a copy of your new book, when available.

    btw, I’ve met your Father several times over the past 30 years or so, and you, I think when you were much younger … as a Presbyterian Pastor, I love how you guys handle your faith.

    I’ll enter my name and em below.

  8. Hi, Jason. Please put me on the list for your new edition of Single Handed Fly Casting. Thanks, Thatcher

  9. Jason,

    Quite some time ago (I would estimate two years ago) I ordered a copy of this book which will soon be published. In fact, I reserved Serial No. 7. Recently, it occurred to me that I never contacted you with my updated email address. I no longer have access to my former email address which was Please update your records; and at your earliest convenience, please confirm that I still have Serial No. 7 reserved. Thanks

  10. In Alaska…….
    I’m looking forward to having a copy of your book. I want to sign up for a copy. Thanks for all your efforts.

  11. Just making sure that I’m still on the list. Honestly can’t remember if I signed up previously or not, but I believe so. Looking forward to the book!


    John Champion

  12. I want to order one book. NOt sure if this is the right place. I so enjoyed your casting class this morning in Tacoma. Thanks.

  13. Hi, Jason,
    I believe that I signed up for a copy of your new book quite awhile ago and was making sure that I am on the list for one. Just checking. Thanks.

  14. HI Jason
    I signed up long ago. Just want to make sure I`m still on the list . I belive my email has change since then.

    new email is ken.sylvia1@gmail .com

    thanks Ken Sylvia

    1. Jim–You are now on the list, thank you. This book will be a broader look at single-handed fly casting overall, versus a focus on the D-loop world. Simon and I have know each other for quite some time, and I reference him quite a bit in the D-loop chapter. Hopefully it will help our two books work well together to some degree.

      On a different note, I took a look at your website. Hope we get a chance to meet and talk one these days, since we share a love for art the goes well beyond the sporting world (I married a woman who was trained as an art historian, as well).

      1. Thanks for the great class today. Please put me on pre pre waiting list for your book. Had some great tips.

  15. Hi Jason,

    I would like to sign up for a copy of ‘Single-handed fly casting’.
    Hope I’m not to late..

    Best regards,
    Anders R. Naesset

  16. Please put me on the pre pre order list. Looks like you are about to sell out. A testament to your reputation.

    1. Mike–I’ve got you on the list. I’ll do a pre-pay once I have the illustrations finished up (plugging away right now).

  17. I’m really looking forward to hold this book in my hands – please put me on the list!
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  18. Jason, wrote recently. Concerned that my request with number (older list) is ok. No indicatio in your recent posts. Know your busy. With apologies and thanks.
    Bart, Cork- Ireland.

  19. Jason,

    I would love to be added to your pre-order list on your upcoming book (SHFC). I can hardly wait.

    Thank you.

  20. Jason: Please include me on the waiting list for your new book. I have a signed copy of the Nature of Fly Casting and would love to have this book as well. Up front money is no problem (are you charging enough?)

    1. Eric–Got you down for a copy. Good to hear that you have Nature, as well. I think you’ll find this one to be a familiar follow-up. Wanted to price this one at a fairly reasonable level (and once you add shipping an handling….).

  21. Hi Jason please please can you sign me up for a copy of the Single Handed Fly Fishing book. I do hope I’m not too late.

  22. Jason hope I’m not too late please put me down for a copy it would be a good read for my CI test in September thanks Jonathan Smith AUSTRALIA

  23. If it’s not too late please could you put me down for a copy of your book. Also do you perchance have any copies of The Nature of Fly Casting available . I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Paul–I’ve got you down for a copy of SHFC. As for NOFC, I don’t have any copies available. It went out of print years ago and the secondary market is probably the only source for it these days.

    2. Jason, worry occasionally when ‘checking in’ that all is well with my (pre, pre) request well back before the present list when you accepted the number I submitted. Glad to see all well with you and yours and that Dad is well. Please check for me as I seem to be reaching that stage of life! Never received money request. Is that correct? Enjoy time with Paul. On Facebook! Thanks and regards. Bart Bambury, Cork Ireland.

  24. Mr. Borger:

    Please add my name to your order list and let me know when you need some dough.
    With eager anticipation,

    Wickes Brewster

    14 February 2016

  25. Hi Jason,

    Just saw a reference to your book in the latesst IFFF – “THE LOOP”, so I hope I’m not too late in getting my order in for a copy of your new book. Can’t wait to read it, let me know what else I need to do to secure a copy!

  26. Jason,
    Please add my name to the list of purchasers.
    If I’m too late to get a copy and you might keep my name for any reprint.
    Dublin, Ireland

  27. Jason
    please add me. and if you find time, maybe we can chat on a disabled fly fishing project. i ll pay whenever needed incl. shipping to the EU. let me know…
    thanks and best regards,

  28. I was pretty sure I signed up but don’t see my name up there. Can you check and add if need be ? Tell Henry K. I said “Hello “.

  29. I signed up for the previous pre-order, and am ready to pony up for the present pre-order. Looking forward to it. and thanks.

  30. Hi Jason, I did message on facebook about an advance copy. Just want to check that you have my name down or of you need me to register on here?

      1. G’day Jason,
        When I signed up for your book, not sure if I used a work account.
        Anyhow could you up date email if needed.

  31. Hi Jason, I would very much like to buy your new book. Please send the relevant info so I can pay in advance.

    All the best,

    Per Källfelt

  32. Hi Jason, I want to sign up for your book ‘Single-Handed Fly Casting’. Please put me onto the list.
    Cheers Meinrad

  33. Hi, Jason,

    I have not signed on the previous blog and I´m interested in purchasing the book. What else I need to do?


    Juan Carlos

    1. Juan–You’re on the list. There will be a future email sent asking for the actual pre-order money. For now, there is nothing else you need to do.

  34. Hello Jason
    I would like to pit my name down for a copy of your new book. Earlier today I posted this request in the proof reading section. Thought I had better post it here, as this looks the more appropriate area. Not sure if I need to do anything in particular other than this request?
    Kind regards
    Ian Hedley

  35. Dear Jason—-I’m sure that you have my name on your list for two of your books and I’ve got the cash right in my hand ready to send you. I don’t mean to bug you but I think my name’s been on your list for two maybe three years. Just a very short confirmation would be greatly appreciated. All the best to you, John C Till–(Master Instructor at Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club of San Francisco.)

  36. Hi Jason, I’m pretty sure I was on the original order list but I was much younger then, I forget stuff now :-). In either case, I’m still up for a copy.



  37. Hi Jason.

    I wish a copy of your new book, so, could you add me to the pre-order list, please?

    Thanks an best regards.

  38. Dear Jason,
    Have been a huge admirer of your Dad for years, and know the genes must have definitely passed in perfect fashion. My interest in your casting wisdom is I believe it will help me (and others) in teaching disabled veterans (Project Healing Waters Program). Thanks to both you and your Dad for your great contributions to the sport.

  39. I would love a copy of your book. I am starting my third year of fly fishing and am really enjoying the challenges. I am amazed that there is still so much to learn! I encourage you to visit Dun Magazine online. The spring 2015 issue features some beautiful SW WI trout streams, please pass the word along to any women in the sport as well. Tight Lines!

  40. Hi Jason I have ordered a book with Jim Baumgurtel. I am hoping he is still on the list .Can you conferment he is still on the list please.Two books .
    Tight lines .Phillip Matthews CCI

    1. Steve–It has been ages since I’ve been that way. Miss the surf-side casting lawn. I’ll make sure you’re on the list. Thanks, Steve.

  41. Hi Jason

    I ordered your book. Think I got #333. I just want to be sure I’m still on the list.

    Cheers, Martin

  42. Hi Jason,
    I signed up for a copy last year – just checking that I am still on the list. I live in the UK. Happy to pay for the book any time you ask

    best wishes


  43. Dear mr Borger, I would like to sign up for the pre pre order list.
    thanks en greetings from the netherlands,

  44. Hi Jason,

    It’s been too long since last we met. It’s hard to believe that we are both parents now! Please let me know if and when you are in California, I’d like to meet Kelley and your daughter.

    Please same me a copy! Thanks and take care!

    Alex (Atsuki)

    1. Alex–It has been a very long time for sure! I’ll get you on the list. If we get your way, we’ll let you know….

  45. I believe I signed up sometime ago…but want to make sure you didn’t loose it….I’d like one book.



  46. I was trying to resist asking about my 3 copies but I succumbed.Just want to be sure I am in line.(2 are gifts)


    Mike Johnson

  47. Hi Jason,

    I’d be very happy to be added to the pre-list for a copy of your book. If you have some left!
    Many thanks,


  48. Hello

    I would like to sign up for a copy.
    Please tell me if I’m not too late to get put on the list

    Kind regards

  49. Hi, Jason,

    I have not signed on the previous blog and I´m interested in purchasing the book. What else I need to do?



    1. Alexander–You are indeed on the list. Thanks for your patience. It’s been a haul getting this done, but it’s in the home stretch.

  50. Hi Jason,
    I don’t want to start a trend for ordering twice, but I’m a bit paranoid now! I’m sure I was down for a book but it was ages ago, and memory is not what it once was…
    Please put me on the list!!!

    1. Erik–You are now on the list. Thanks! And yeah, I need to come in on my next trip. Been too long. Be great to deliver the book in person…

  51. Jason, I would like to purchase your new book whenever it is published. Just let met know what I need to do to place the order and make the payment.

    Thanks, Ron

    1. Ron–Got you on the list, thanks. I’ll be sending out a mass email once it’s time to place the actual order. I’ll be updating this blog with the info, too.

        1. Ron–You are at #230 right now. If you have a specific request, let me know and I can see if the number is open.

    1. John–I’ve got you down for copy #824, if that’s correct. Hope you’ve been well and getting some water time (and that SC20 #7 has seen a few fish).

      1. Hi Jason
        Just need info is it my name still on the list ,i need this book as soon as it posible


        Veljko Veselinovic

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