Single-Handed Fly Casting Book Reviews

Reviews of Single-Handed Fly Casting began back in August 2017. The best bits are here in chronological order, with links to further reading.

“This is a must read for all instructors.”
– Walter Simbirski, Admin – FFI Master Instructors Study Group

“If you want one book in your shop that will help your customers cast better, and can maybe serve as a course guide for your instructors who want to bring them along… this is it.”
– Kirk Deeter, Angling Trade magazine

“We at The Loop have anticipated Jason Borger’s newest fly-casting tome, Single-Handed Fly Casting, for a year or more now … We can tell you the wait was worth it.”
– Editorial Staff, The Loop (FFI casting instructors journal)

“If you are an angler serious about your casting you will find lots of inspiration on this book; if you are a casting instructor it is a must-have.”
– Aitor Coteron, One More Last Cast

“If you were to have just one fly casting book in your library then this should be it.”
– Paul Arden,

“If you only buy one fly casting book make sure it is this one.”
– Editorial Staff, Eat, Sleep, Fish

“…if you find yourself “left in a place that’s full of movement with speed, but not much in the way of mental and physical direction”, this book will help you find a path!”
– Lars Chr. Bentsen,

A short and sweet review of Single-Handed Fly Casting, from the Winter 2018 edition of Trout Unlimited’s “Trout” magazine: