SHFC – Where’s My Book?

If you have not yet received your pre-ordered copy (or copies) of Single-Handed Fly Casting and are wondering about your book’s whereabouts, there are three possibilities:

  1. It is on a truck or airplane heading your way (though you should hopefully know that by now via email).
  2. It is in my garage, either in a box or on an eight-foot table, where the book(s) will soon be signed and packed.
  3. It is on a pallet lurking in a local warehouse here—but not for long.

All the pre-ordered A/P copies and all the pre-ordered multi-copy orders (A/P or otherwise) should be out by mid-week. are shipped. I am now boring down through the rest of the list, getting reserved numbers out ASAP, with all the rest to follow. Guessing about two weeks to get fully caught up.

If you recently ordered (say, after the books arrived here in July), your order will be processed as soon as the pre-orders are out the door.

Once I’m caught up on everything, I’ll post here and on Facebook to be sure that no one on the pre-order list was missed somehow.

I appreciate everyone’s on-going patience with the process, and books should be in everyone’s hands shortly.

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