SHFC Update – Through Chapter 8


I’ve got the “last pass” edits done through Chapter 8 (Curves), and am into Chapter 9 (Hauling). A lot of red ink, but then that’s the point. Once I hit the last page, it’s out to a few friends. Illustrations have begun, as well. Really trying to have this thing tied up for the end-of-year holiday time. We’ll see how I do.


2 thoughts on “SHFC Update – Through Chapter 8”

  1. Editing is even harder than writing. The more you revise the more faults you see. It is a never ending story for several reasons… but you must stop somewhere anyway. 😄

    1. I do like editing, I must say. Feels like it refreshes everything and joins the dangling ends. That said, it takes a lot of time, and does raise other questions about content as one goes. I don’t have much free time to edit so have to be rather methodical and step-by-step. I have made some very small content additions in the last week or two, but I’m not in the mood to make this never ending! When I say “I’m done” with this book, I mean it. I have the illustrations to complete, yes, but I’m weary and have mentally halted the text. If I have something significant to add in the future, I’ll figure things out then.

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