SHFC Update – PayPal

So, I’ve gotten some emails concerning PayPal and SHFC book order confirmation. The issue revolves around a PayPal receipt, but no apparent response in terms of direct verification of order from me. Once a PayPal order is placed, it is processed on direct behalf of my LLC, and it is much as if you are ordering directly from me. The order comes to me immediately via email and is also stored on PayPal’s servers within my LLC account. So, if you order a copy of SHFC and PayPal says you ordered, it should be a confirmation that things are good.

Thanks much to all who are signed up for a book, it won’t be long now!

4 thoughts on “SHFC Update – PayPal”

  1. Jason, I was on your list for a copy with #729, it is not a mistake that I have bought two copies through PayPal… I simply want another … your choice on what number…

  2. Thanks for this affirmation, Jason. It’s a while since I ordered and I cannot remember if I requested a signed copy or not, I certainly would like one, if that can be arranged. Looking forward to receiving my copy.

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