SHFC Update – Middle of May

Looks like the book will be off the press in the middle of May. Then to me for sign/number, then out to those who have ordered. Thanks to all for your extended patience, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy the read.

More to follow as the ship date approaches.

7 thoughts on “SHFC Update – Middle of May”

  1. I got a sneak peak of the raw product at a recent Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing training meeting. The pages I saw look absolutely gorgeous! I ordered an extra copy for one of our volunteers has gone above and beyond to set up professional casting instruction training for the rest of us volunteers. It will be a real pleasure to put this in his hands.

  2. Hi mate, just a quick question. I know that lve preordered but have I prepaid for your book? Its been a while since Ive checked my bank statements.


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