SHFC Update – December 3

For those who have pre-ordered Single-Handed Fly Casting I just wanted to provide an (overdue) update. It’s been a rather difficult and very tiring last month (well, at least 3+ weeks), and it has significantly affected my ability to get the book onto the press in the timeframe I had been planning. I was hoping to have books actually coming off the press in the next week or two, but that’s simply not going to happen.

The flip side is that things have gotten better, and I am back into finalizing the book as quickly as I can go. At this point, I feel good about having books at the bindery in January.

As a little way of saying “thanks” to all of you who have officially pre-ordered so far, I’m going to include an “extra” with your books. It’s something that will be signed and suitable to toss into a little frame for a tying room, etc. (or to burn if you happen to get cold).

I truly hope that you will find the book to be worth the wait. It’s the most involved project I’ve ever done and it has proven to be the most difficult to complete.

Thanks again for your patience.

My best,


6 thoughts on “SHFC Update – December 3”

  1. Hi Jason,
    Thank you for the update. No doubt it will all come together at at time when you are ready.
    After all good things are worth waiting for 🙂
    Best wishes for the New Year

    1. Thanks, John. I think it looks really good, and once I sign off, it’ll be a fairly short trip to the press and then the bindery.

  2. Jason,
    Really looking forward to receiving the book, I’m on the pre-order list & paid by Paypal back in October sometime. I think I’m number 012 , so a while back when I pre ordered & very glad I did 🙂 I have no doubt it will be worth the wait..

    Best regards & hope all is well with you,


    1. Ken–Thanks for the follow-up. I’m just finishing up my final read-through and then it’s off to the press. The thing has some visual presence for sure, being 320 pages plus a heap of illustrations. A very different feel than a book full of photos. Something about how line drawings interact with text.

  3. Hi Jason , thanks for the update. I don’t know if you got my earlier message but I bought your book at the fly casting class you held in Tacoma this summer. It was great by the way. I asked and you said you would check to see if number 47 or 119 was available. I was just wondering what you found out. Thanks and looking forward to the end of January .
    Best wishes
    Greg Shimek

  4. Hi Jason,

    I am on your pre-order list and just payed the book with Paypall. My address details will come through Paypall I presume? Because I only received a confirmation from them.

    For the shipment & packaging, I am a bit worried how the book will survive a shipment to Europe. Will it be properly protected somehow so it won’t be dented before arrival?

    Kind regards,

    Alexander Fase

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