SHFC Update – An Extra Bit

So let’s say you pony up the bucks and buy a copy of Single-Handed Fly Casting. What do you get for your hard-earned cash? A bunch of paper, for starters. Some ink. Several decades of fly casting instruction experience and research (with actual scientist types). And lots of drawings of me. You also get one of these included (look above), because I have about a thousand of them lying around and they make tying benches look prettier! 😉

A few friends in the EU may recognize this general graphic as something from a fly show a few years ago. If you can’t recycle yourself, who can you recycle, right?

One thought on “SHFC Update – An Extra Bit”

  1. Hi Jason. Was very sure I pre ordered a long time ago. Checking my data says not. So I ordered again.

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