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The post title says it all. Pre-order Single-Handed Fly Casting here. If you pre-order, you’re assured of a book (as long as the 1,001 slots last), and of getting pre-order pricing. The one aspect I cannot control is shipping costs, which outside the U.S. have become quite steep for a book of this weight.

Hoping to have books to ship at some point in December 2016. See the post above for a further update.

To order, simply click on the option that applies to you and proceed.

And remember, if you are in the EU, Springforelle fly shop will have a special run of 100 separately signed/numbered books just for that market.


usa ($55 plus $6 shipping)

canada($55 plus $36 shipping)

world($55 plus $50 shipping)

5 thoughts on “SHFC Pre-Order”

  1. Hi Jason, I have not received any of the emails you reference in your comments. I pre paid for one of your books at the Tacoma casting event but I must not have given you my email. It is below. Also is number 47 or 119 available? I learned a lot at the Tacoma and can’t wait to read the book. Thanks very much

    1. This is a one-and-done limited press run with no e-book planned. This isn’t the only fly casting book that I’m working on, though…

    1. Hi Henry! You can pay now or when the books are ready to go. I’ll be doing one last email to everyone who signed up but has not pre-paid (there are more than 100 right now). The pre-pay just ensures that those who want a copy actually get one (in case the run sells out early), and get in at the $55 price point.

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