Single-Handed Fly Casting Pre-Order


The post title says it all. Pre-order Single-Handed Fly Casting here. If you pre-order, you’re assured of a book (as long as the 1,001 slots last), and of getting pre-order pricing. The one aspect I cannot control is shipping costs, which outside the U.S. have become quite steep for a book of this weight.

To pre-order, simply click on the option that applies to you and proceed. NOTE: If you are a resident of the state of Washington, please contact me to arrange for a pre-order.

And remember, if you are in the EU, Springforelle fly shop will have a special run of 100 separately signed/numbered books just for that market.


UPDATE: After the books arrive, the pricing will be moving to $60, with U.S. shipping/handling increasing to $10.

usa ($55 plus $6 shipping)

canada($55 plus $36 shipping)

world($55 plus $50 shipping)

26 thoughts on “Single-Handed Fly Casting Pre-Order”

  1. Jason,
    I am a candidate for the CCI and planning to test this September. I have preordered your new book and can’t wait to get it. I am sure it will have some great tips to improve my performance on the test.

    Your comment’s on OL Al’s Study Group regarding creep and recoil last week were very exciting for me. Will it be possible to autograph the preordered copy for me? I would really treasure that if it can be easily done.
    Joe Burton

    1. Hi Joe–Thanks for the order and the nice words about the book and study group. All books are signed and numbered. If you want something extra (such as “To Joe”) please let me know.

  2. Hi Jason
    Pre-ordered and recently paid for shipping to Ireland. Misread your May 10 mail. Didn’t appreciate that it was an invoice when it wasn’t personalised with my requested number etc. Delighted with good news of Finn-special significance of name in Emerald Isle. Regards to Dad.

  3. I really would like to buy your book, but living in Denmark, I would have to pay 50 $ shipping! I think that is a very high price. ..!

    1. I know. It’s ridiculous. And I lose money on shipping at that price. I may offer a e-book for my next project to combat such charges. We’ll see.

  4. Jason I preordered but never got an invoice. Also how do I find out about clinics with you and your dad?

  5. Hi Jason
    Congratulations on your new arrival.
    Looking forward to new book.
    Just thought I would clarify I am in the UK, but gave a Seattle posting address, when I paid. I have a contact there who will bring it when he comes to the UK.
    Regards Stephen

  6. Hi Jason, Just seeing how the book is going and really looking forward to receiving my copy. When do you think you might be shipping? Cheers David

    1. Book PDF is going into pre-press ASAP this week. I’ll know much more for sure once I approve the press files. At that stage, the book will go into the press queue and I’ll know (within a few days) when the boxes should be packed. I’ll post on this blog as soon as I know.

  7. Jason, I was wondering if the SHFC book has gone out for delivery yet? I am / should have been on the pre-order list. Thanks.

      1. Did NOT see a pre-order email in any of my email boxes, but the pre-order could have gone to my old and out-of-service email. Had to change old email address to a new email address (provided below), which is now my official working email.

  8. Hi Jason , great to see the update on the book. I ordered one at your casting clinic in Tacoma with PSFF. Which was really great by the way. Is copy number 119 available? Really looking forward to reciving my copy. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Greg. Yes, I can get #119. Did you pre-pay at the clinic? I have to go back and double-check my notes from that day.

      It was indeed a good time at the clinic. Hope I can get back up that way again for another round.

  9. hi jason

    i have preorded and paid for the book

    looking forward to getting my hands on it – december cant come quick enough

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