On “The Board”


Hanging out with my old pal, Paul Arden, at his sexyloops.com casting/fishing Board for a week starting tomorrow (Monday the 18th). Stop by and chat if you get the chance. The Board at SL has been a hotbed of fly casting (and fishing) discussion for many years, with some serious “nuts and bolts” stuff going on regularly (poorly supported fly-casting dogma and pre-conceived notions don’t tend to last long there).

2 thoughts on “On “The Board””

  1. Using the photos and chart, fig 1, of the casting sequence that was in your article with Grunde Lovoll,when is the optimal time to haul ?

    1. For “standard” hauling, I’m going with a peak haul timeframe right around MCL (minimum chord length). That might shift if I’m trying to do something specific, but my own hauls, shown in 3-D motion capture, peak very close to MCL (usually a couple hundredths closer to rod straight).

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