In Search of the Perfect Loop

I mention a lot of friends and fellow casters/instructors in Single-Handed Fly Casting. One of those friends is Christopher Rownes. I’ve known Christopher for years, and always enjoy watching his casting videos (they aren’t as much about instruction as about enjoying casting for its flow and beauty). If you are an instructor or caster who loves the flow, check out a little of Chris’s work here:

3 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Loop”

  1. Really nice video. Watch it every once in a while to relax between working tasks.

    His single hand casting style seems to be a mix of side arm casting (a la Lefty Kreh) and a more vertical plane (a la Jerry Siem). I also have moved from a side arm-ish casting style to a more vertical style. Not complete but also a mix style like Chris.

    1. Chris is an elegant caster, and his default style (at least as at appears in the video) certain lends itself to the camera. I grew up casting “West Coast tournament style” (that is, very vertical), but cast in whatever way is necessary to achieve the task at hand. My short-range default, though, is still quite vertical with emphasis on scapular stability.

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