Foundation Casting Stroke (a.k.a. FCS)

My friend, Marc Fauvet, asked for a video of the Foundation Casting Stroke (as discussed in Single-Handed Fly Casting). I happened to have a nice, fresh one sitting on my system. Marc now has a full post up on his blog, The Limp Cobra.

There is a lot more to say about the FCS in SHFC chapters two and three. It’s a casting stroke that has origins way back in fly casting, but I present it in a way that allows a caster to use his or her body to assist in self-teaching. I also use it as the basis for the other casts in my SHFC book (even Spey? Yes, after it gets some modification along the way).

3 thoughts on “Foundation Casting Stroke (a.k.a. FCS)”

  1. Hi,

    Please sign me up for a pre-order as well.

    I noticed that you don’t use the three point-grip in the clip above. Have you started using a thumb on top-grip instead?
    If so, then why?

    Many thanks,

    Thomas Gelotte

    1. Thomas–Will get you on the list, thanks. I still use the 3-Point. This video was from a section where I am demonstrating what I call the “3-Step Exercise,” which starts with the Thumb-on-Top. 3-Point gets introduced later in the book.

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