Fishing Thoughts of a Four-Year Old (Part 1 of Many, I Am Guessing)

So my little daughter, Brooke, wanders over to me:

“I had a sleep show [read: dream] last night.”
“Yeah, what was it about?”
“I was fishing for sharptooth minnows [read: prehistoric minnows] with my fly rod.”
“Oh. Did you catch any?”
“Yes. I was using the rainbow fly from your fly box [her favorite sparkle woolly bugger].”
“Did you fin tag them and release them?”
“Yes, they were snapping at me!”

She’s a really cool kid.

2 thoughts on “Fishing Thoughts of a Four-Year Old (Part 1 of Many, I Am Guessing)”

  1. That connection is all it takes to jump-start a love for fish and fishing. My daughter now loves to go, and we always have a little lunch or dinner date afterward. Special time.

  2. Jason , I´m from Chile. I just read your story here. Two week ago i was on the river and my kids where playing near me. My 4 years daughter asked me to catch a fish. I put the fly on the water (a little copper perdition) and explained her how to retrieve the line.
    3 or four seconds she was catching her first brown trout. it was little trout that filled her hand and her smile was awesome. Then returned the trout and saw it escape into the water. that was the moment where a new fisher woman was born.

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