First Fish

Might as well kick off the artistic part of this reloaded blog with a new-ish favorite of mine. This is my daughter, Brooke’s, first trout drawing, from February of this year (2015). She said she was going to draw a trout, sat down, and there you go. It’s pretty straightforward, but I’m not about to offer her any critique!

Brooke turned two last October (2014), and I’m so excited to see her loving her art so much. Pens, markers, crayons, watercolors, glitter glue, or Buddha Board, she enjoys it all.

To honor my little girl and her love of fish, this is also the first drawing I’m using in Single-Handed Fly Casting. Call me a proud papa, or whatever, but then again, that’s exactly what I am.

4 thoughts on “First Fish”

  1. Love it! I’m so happy for you to have your daughter with you enjoying your passions just like you did with your dad.

    Keep having fun and enjoying this great life we are getting to live!


    1. Thanks, Marc. She is ready to go “fishing for trout with Dada,” so going to pick a good time and a little stream I like in central Oregon…

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