More Book Gear

Got new rods, lines, and reels for the next fly casting book project. Special thanks to Paul Arden at Sexyloops for the HT6 Instructor rod and Thunderbolt line, and Tim Rajeff at Echo Fly Fishing for Ion reels (and more lines).

Popped in at Tim’s Echo world empire HQ the other day and wiggled a bunch of sticks, prototype and otherwise. *Always* a good time to hang with Tim and co, and I really appreciate the 6′ 9″ glass Christmas present for my little Miss Brooke.…/w…/item/535/ht-instructor-9ft-6wt

SHFC – Shipping Update September 3

The last of the USA copies, ready to be packed. If you ordered a book through September 3, and haven’t yet received it or been sent an email saying it’s on the way, it should be in one of those stacks. If you’re outside the USA and the same circumstances apply, there will be another set of stacks being created for those books later this week.

SHFC Update – December 3

For those who have pre-ordered Single-Handed Fly Casting I just wanted to provide an (overdue) update. It’s been a rather difficult and very tiring last month (well, at least 3+ weeks), and it has significantly affected my ability to get the book onto the press in the timeframe I had been planning. I was hoping to have books actually coming off the press in the next week or two, but that’s simply not going to happen.

The flip side is that things have gotten better, and I am back into finalizing the book as quickly as I can go. At this point, I feel good about having books at the bindery in January.

As a little way of saying “thanks” to all of you who have officially pre-ordered so far, I’m going to include an “extra” with your books. It’s something that will be signed and suitable to toss into a little frame for a tying room, etc. (or to burn if you happen to get cold).

I truly hope that you will find the book to be worth the wait. It’s the most involved project I’ve ever done and it has proven to be the most difficult to complete.

Thanks again for your patience.

My best,