SHFC Update – Incoming!

Single-Handed Fly Casting is on a truck somewhere between Ohio and Oregon. The books will be passing some good water on the way! Should be here by mid-week, and then the fun starts: shipping. The Artist’s Proofs will go out first, and then into the standard signed/numbered in order. I’ll be posting about progress as I go. No fishing for me for a few days, that’s for sure….

SHFC Update – First Review!

The first review of Single-Handed Fly Casting is in:

“This is a must read for all instructors.”
– Walter Simbirski

That’s the whole review, all eight words of it. I don’t mind a one-liner that just gets to the point! The review was posted to a group email list directed at–wait for it–fly casting instructors. Surprising, I know.

So, if you teach fly casting, follow the advice above and part with your hard-earned cash. You’ll live to (hopefully) not regret it.

SHFC – Stop the Presses! (and Re-Approved)

A quick update on the SHFC book project.

After discovering a bit of a tpoy typo disaster concerning the first 100 pages (convoluted story as to why), I was able to stop the production process before plates were made. I fixed the issues (with *big* thanks to my pal, Aitor Coterón) and also got a few more misc typos dealt with in the process. I then re-approved the files.

That was last week. This week, the book is back into the plating process for the press. I’m supposed to have a revised “ready-to-ship” date due here shortly. I’ll post as soon as I get the email.

BTW…If you’re thinking of adding this to your collection, pre-order now and save a few bucks over the “standard” pricing.

SHFC – Pre-Press Update, April 11

Looking like “the book” will be through press approval late tonight. Probably a couple of pages that will need to go through pre-press again, but that’s very quick. In the meantime, here’s the “what it’s all about” blurb from the back cover:

Jason Borger’s Single-Handed Fly Casting is a forward-thinking exploration of casting and mending. Self-teaching skills, like the 3-Step Exercise, and many straightforward analogies make the text more easily explored by casters of all levels. With the Modular Approach, fly casting is packaged into focused, manageable chunks, allowing anglers to further take command of their own learning process. Enhancing the foundations are thorough breakdowns of what’s really needed to make casts and mends work properly. The text is also designed for those who teach fly casting, offering an organizational structure that can assist instructors in enhancing their own educational programs.

And if you want a look at the “guts” of the thing, a 99% pure Table of Contents can be found here.