Sundance for ARRTI – November 10

Looks like I’ll be up at Sundance Mountain Resort November 10-11 to be a part of the 25th anniversary celebration of A River Runs Through It. Planning on doing some casting and a bit of storytelling from days on the set. I’ll even have a few copies of SHFC floating around. If you’re in the neighborhood at that time, come on up and say hello.

SHFC Review – Again

Another review of SHFC (this time from Lars Chr Bentsen) at My favorite line is the opener:

“So why do I like Jason’s new book? Becasue it’s the best – ever. Have a great weekend, folks :-).”

Thanks, Lars! Truly pleased that you found the book to speak to you at that level!


About PayPal Orders

So, I’ve gotten some emails concerning PayPal and SHFC book order/tee order confirmation. The issue revolves around a PayPal receipt, but no apparent response in terms of direct verification of an order from Fish, Flies & Water (FF&W).

Once a PayPal order is placed, it is processed on direct behalf of my LLC, and it is much as if you are ordering directly from FF&W. The order comes to FF&W immediately via email and is also stored on PayPal’s servers within the LLC account. Unfortuntaly, PayPal doesn’t allow for the direct generatation of a secondary cofirmation email. So, if you order a copy of SHFC or a tee and PayPal says you ordered, it should be a confirmation that things are good.

If you do have a question or concern though, feel free to contact me and ask about your book or tee.

A Good “River Runs” Read

The 25th anniversary of the film, A River Runs Through It, is coming up shortly (October 9). Below is a link to a good read about some aspects of the film’s pre-production/production and post-release influences. I’ll be posting a few memories of my own related to the fly-fishing scenes closer to the anniversary date.

Haunted By Waters: A River Runs Through It 25 Years Later

SHFC Reviews – Two Thumbs Up

The two latest reviews for Single-Handed Fly Casting appeared over the extended (for the USA) weekend. The first is from Aitor Coterón at, the other is from Paul Arden at the one-and-only

One More Last Cast review

Sexyloops review

And full disclosure here: Aitor Coterón was one of my go-to guys for English-as-a-second-language proofing/feedback. Fluent ESL readers often see things that might get missed otherwise, and can provide a reality check for instructions. But…that doesn’t mean Aitor necessarily thought I had truly written a solid book. At least I know for sure now! As for Paul, well, I’ve known Paul for a long time. He’s a friend, but he’s also someone who I expect to speak his mind and not put his reputation on the line with some sort of puff-ball review. I’m just really pleased that he found the text to speak so strongly to him and I hope it will continue to do so in the long term.

SHFC – Shipping Update August 30

So, an SHFC shipping update as of early morning, August 31:

I am in the process of having *all* remaining USA books packed and ready to ship (or already shipped) by the end of the Labor Day weekend. That’s everyone who pre-ordered/ordered through yesterday, August 30.

Next week (that’s after September 4, *all* NON-USA books will be packed and ready to ship (or already shipped). That’s everyone who pre-ordered/ordered through yesterday, August 30.

So, by next weekend (that’s September 9-10) *all* SHFC books ordered through August 30, 2017 will either be packed for shipping, or already be on the way.

My sincere thanks to everyone who pre-ordered/ordered a copy of SHFC. Your patience has been deeply appreciated, and I truly hope that each of you finds the informative quality of the book to be worth the wait.