A 25th Anniversary Tee

Today (October 9) is the 25th anniversary of the U.S. theatrical release of A River Runs Through It. Since I had a bit to do with the film, and I have unused Bunyan Bug drawings collecting dust, I figured I’d do a tee to commemorate. Going to run 250 50 of these total across all sizes (S – 3XL). I’ll include a signed/numbered card with each tee.

Looking at a pre-order price of $20 plus shipping until the tees arrive, and then $25 plus shipping after the tees arrive. Let me know if you want to be on the early “I’ll take one” list (delivery of tees to me is like 3 weeks or less, so the wait isn’t epic).

50/50 fabric, tagless, washes and travels well, printed right here in Portland, Oregon, US of A.

Will have “click here” order info up in the next day or so. UPDATE: Go here.