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If you want a copy of the limited-edition book, Single-Handed Fly Casting, you’re in the right place.

ABOUT THE BOOK: 1001 copies, signed/numbered; hardcover; 320 pages; fully illustrated, with drawings based on slow-motion HD video.

DOWNLOAD: Table of Contents | Chapter One

TO ORDER: Click on the option below that applies to you and proceed. NOTE: If you are a resident of the state of Washington, please contact me with your shipping address before ordering. If you want multiple copies, also contact me first.

Note that shipping costs outside the U.S. have become quite steep for a book of this weight.

IN THE EU: There is a shop that is carrying a special run of the book: Springforelle. They have an exclusive run of 100 books (signed and numbered 1 – 100) and can ship easily within the EU.

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SHFC Review – Sexyloops.com Again

Another review of SHFC (this time from Lars Chr. Bentsen) at sexyloops.com. Lars sums it up like this:

…if you find yourself “left in a place that’s full of movement with speed, but not much in the way of mental and physical direction”, this book will help you find a path!

Thanks, Lars! Truly pleased that you found the book to speak to you at that level!

More: http://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/ps/borgers-best-book

SHFC Reviews – Two Thumbs Up

The two latest reviews for Single-Handed Fly Casting appeared over the extended (for the USA) weekend. The first is from Aitor Coterón at onemorelastcast.net, the other is from Paul Arden at the one-and-only sexyloops.com.

One More Last Cast review

Sexyloops review

And full disclosure here: Aitor Coterón was one of my go-to guys for English-as-a-second-language proofing/feedback. Fluent ESL readers often see things that might get missed otherwise, and can provide a reality check for instructions. But…that doesn’t mean Aitor necessarily thought I had truly written a solid book. At least I know for sure now! As for Paul, well, I’ve known Paul for a long time. He’s a friend, but he’s also someone who I expect to speak his mind and not put his reputation on the line with some sort of puff-ball review. I’m just really pleased that he found the text to speak so strongly to him and I hope it will continue to do so in the long term.

SHFC – Shipping Update August 30

So, an SHFC shipping update as of early morning, August 31:

I am in the process of having *all* remaining USA books packed and ready to ship (or already shipped) by the end of the Labor Day weekend. That’s everyone who pre-ordered/ordered through yesterday, August 30.

Next week (that’s after September 4, *all* NON-USA books will be packed and ready to ship (or already shipped). That’s everyone who pre-ordered/ordered through yesterday, August 30.

So, by next weekend (that’s September 9-10) *all* SHFC books ordered through August 30, 2017 will either be packed for shipping, or already be on the way.

My sincere thanks to everyone who pre-ordered/ordered a copy of SHFC. Your patience has been deeply appreciated, and I truly hope that each of you finds the informative quality of the book to be worth the wait.