An 8 Pound, 14 Ounce Update

Finn, say hi to everyone. Everyone, say hi to Finn. A long, sometimes very tough road getting him here, but here he is! Now Brooke will have someone to keep her on her toes.

Is day three too early to introduce a fly rod?

8 thoughts on “An 8 Pound, 14 Ounce Update”

  1. Congratulations, after I got married and wanted to go fishing, my wife said she didn’t want to be home alone and would be alright after we had children to keep her company. When we had kids, she said “you can”t leave me home alone with these kids” Be careful.

    1. Alan–Fortunately I have a fly fishing wife and daughter, both of which love to be on the water. I am often scolded if I don’t get out of the house to fish with daughter in tow.

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