A Quick, Slow-Mo C

The video that I shoot as the basis for line drawings is often fast and dirty. All I need to see is enough to make the drawing, and who cares about the rest. That is exactly the case for the video that I have been shooting for “Single-Handed Fly Casting.” But…I just bought myself a new platform ladder and it allows for better, more stable camera angles in a variety of situations. So, I figured it might be of interest to post at least one video sequence shot from the ladder, while capturing at 720p/240fps.

The sequence shown here is of the C Pick-Up, a skill that has a relationship to the Snake Roll in the D-loop world. I have shown it in a basic, “here’s how you do it” form, plus a more “real world” scenario starting with the rod tip high and slack in the system. Sharp-eyed observers may note that my forward cast loop is relatively open. That’s what I refer to as “an actual fishing cast.”

Hope at least a few readersĀ find it interesting. One of these days, I’ll bite the bullet and shoot video to really show as video, all pretty and everything.

4 thoughts on “A Quick, Slow-Mo C”

    1. Depends somewhat on where you start the move (C or O). I learned it with the C name in my youth, but I do talk about an O in the new book, as well (so we’re both right… šŸ˜‰ )

    1. Thanks, Michael. I’ve got another angle of this one that I’ll also use for the book, but this was interesting at the higher frame rate.

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