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If you want a copy of the limited-edition book, Single-Handed Fly Casting, you’re in the right place.

ABOUT THE BOOK: 1001 copies, signed/numbered; hardcover; 320 pages; fully illustrated, with drawings based on slow-motion HD video.

DOWNLOAD: Table of Contents | Chapter One

TO ORDER: Click on the option below that applies to you and proceed. NOTE: If you are a resident of the state of Washington, please contact me with your shipping address before ordering. If you want multiple copies, also contact me first.

Note that shipping costs outside the U.S. have become quite steep for a book of this weight.

IN THE EU: There is a shop that is carrying a special run of the book: Springforelle. They have an exclusive run of 100 books (signed and numbered 1 – 100) and can ship easily within the EU.

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Double Hitch

It’s tying season here on the northern 45th parallel, so here’s something for the tyers who follow this blog. A little video on the Double Hitch knot, a skill that I learned as a young kid as part of my tying education. It’s versatile and easy and has served me well for decades. Worth dropping into your tying repertoire as an addition to the whip finish, and so on.

BTW–This video is many years old, so forgive the old school 4:3 aspect ratio and the render quality.

More Book Gear

Got new rods, lines, and reels for the next fly casting book project. Special thanks to Paul Arden at Sexyloops for the HT6 Instructor rod and Thunderbolt line, and Tim Rajeff at Echo Fly Fishing for Ion reels (and more lines).

Popped in at Tim’s Echo world empire HQ the other day and wiggled a bunch of sticks, prototype and otherwise. *Always* a good time to hang with Tim and co, and I really appreciate the 6′ 9″ glass Christmas present for my little Miss Brooke.



Sundance for ARRTI – November 10

Looks like I’ll be up at Sundance Mountain Resort November 10-11 to be a part of the 25th anniversary celebration of A River Runs Through It. Planning on doing some casting and a bit of storytelling from days on the set. I’ll even have a few copies of SHFC floating around. If you’re in the neighborhood at that time, come on up and say hello.

SHFC Review – Sexyloops.com Again

Another review of SHFC (this time from Lars Chr. Bentsen) at sexyloops.com. Lars sums it up like this:

…if you find yourself “left in a place that’s full of movement with speed, but not much in the way of mental and physical direction”, this book will help you find a path!

Thanks, Lars! Truly pleased that you found the book to speak to you at that level!

More: http://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/ps/borgers-best-book

About PayPal Orders

So, I’ve gotten some emails concerning PayPal and SHFC book order/tee order confirmation. The issue revolves around a PayPal receipt, but no apparent response in terms of direct verification of an order from Fish, Flies & Water (FF&W).

Once a PayPal order is placed, it is processed on direct behalf of my LLC, and it is much as if you are ordering directly from FF&W. The order comes to FF&W immediately via email and is also stored on PayPal’s servers within the LLC account. Unfortuntaly, PayPal doesn’t allow for the direct generatation of a secondary cofirmation email. So, if you order a copy of SHFC or a tee and PayPal says you ordered, it should be a confirmation that things are good.

If you do have a question or concern though, feel free to contact me and ask about your book or tee.